The Evakool Difference

Products that have stood the test of time….

  • Established for over 20 years
  • Australia’s largest manufacturer of 12 volt portable refrigeration
  • With Australian manufacturing facilities, Evakool is able to offer customised 12 Volt refrigeration solutions
  • Australia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of fibreglass and polyethelene iceboxes, having sold close to 1 MILLION units worldwide.
  • Nationwide service support for our wide range of products

Evakool Eskies, Ice boxes, Portable Fridges & Coolers


Evakool was established in Queensland in 1994, and were founded to provide a solution for the lovers of the Australian outdoors who are looking for longer lasting iceboxes. Since then, Evakool products have become synonymous with quality, durability, and reliability. With over 20 years of experience, Evakool is the industry’s leading manufacturer of 12-volt portable fridges, as well as fibreglass and polyethylene ice boxes. Whether you’re camping, fishing, having a family picnic, or just relaxing on the beach, Evakool is sure to have a portable cooling solution that fits your needs.


Evakool offers over 50 portable fridges of various types and sizes. The Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers come in 7 different sizes, ranging from a 40-litre to a 150-litre. Made in Australia for Australians, Evakool Fibreglass Fridge/Freezers are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the country, with superior insulation and cooling capacity. Light yet sturdy with durable lids, Evakool portable fridges can run off your car battery or you can purchase an optional 100-watt bi-fold solar panel.


Evakool fibreglass and polyethylene ice boxes are a cheaper alternative to portable fridges, but they are just as high quality and reliable. As the industry’s largest manufacturer and distributor, Evakool has sold close to 1 million units of fibreglass and polyethylene ice boxes worldwide. These eskies can keep ice for up to 10 to 15 days due to Evakool’s renowned insulation. Like the portable fridges, Evakool ice boxes come in over 50 different types and sizes to fit in any car or boat. Some models have wheels for convenient transport, while others can double as drink dispensers. Evakool coolers are sturdy enough to be used as seats, making them perfect for fishing trips. Equipped with drainage bungs and smooth surfaces, they are also extremely easy to clean.


The fibreglass and polyethylene ice boxes offered by Evakool are also great for marketing. Evakool has designed quality promotional ice boxes for many companies to enhance their brand and image. It’s a simple, inexpensive, yet powerful way to market your corporate brand.


Evakool has you covered if you are looking for a caravan fridge. The Platinum Upright Fridge/Freezer series comes in 4 sizes, from a 110-litre to a 210-litre fridge to fit any caravan. Operating on 12/24 volt, they are designed to travel in the harshest conditions that often accompany caravan travelling. With a sophisticated satin platinum grey finish and a functional layout with wire shelves, door shelves with an egg tray, and a vegetable and fruit crisper, you won’t feel much difference from your home fridge.


Evakool fridges and ice boxes have Australia’s leading 5-year no fuss warranty with nationwide support. You can order online or visit one of the many retailers throughout Australia. Built with quality and performance in mind, they are your invaluable travel partners that will last you a lifetime.

Portable Fridges

Imagine that in preparation for your short trip, you store your carefully made sandwich in a box full of ice, along with some beers or other beverage of your choice. You arrive at your destination only to find that your sandwich has become soggy and is floating around in a pool of melted ice. It’s probably not the most pleasant thing that can happen during your adventurous trip away.

Ice Boxes

Having a place to store your food and drinks is crucial when you go on a camping adventure or fishing on a boat. If you don’t have electricity to hook your portable fridge up to on your trip, or you just want something simple that will keep your food and drinks cold without using the car battery, your best bet is to get an ice box.

Caravan Fridges

Driving across Australia in a caravan is a great travelling option for a variety of different reasons. You have your own bed that you’re familiar with, so you don’t have to wrestle with different mattresses each night you’re travelling. You’re self-contained, which means you have access to a kitchen where you can prepare and cook your own food. To be free from the hassles of hotel reservations and finding places to eat out makes travelling in a caravan a very wise option.